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Connect 2



The CONNECT 2 harness improves on the successful CONNECT

The replacement for the CONNECT retains the easy handling of the original harness, but there have been some improvements to the level of flight comfort.
The CONNECT 2 will set a new standard for harnesses, with its sophisticated features designed to enhance pilot comfort.
The harness and seat geometry have been redefined, resulting in an extremely high level of flying comfort, and this ensures non-strenuous and relaxed flying. The CONNECT 2 fits the pilot’s body perfectly and allows even better glider feedback to the pilot. At the same time, the redesigned reserve system makes reserve deployment even simpler.
The harness has a number of adjustment options, allowing pilots to choose between an upright or slightly reclined flying position, and also an aerodynamic position suitable for cross-country flying.
The SWING CONNECT 2 is best used with any SWING paraglider, as their components are all compatible.

SWING CONNECT design details:

Safe T-Lock buckle system with the greatest level of safety possible, simple handling and good freedom of movement

redefined harness and seat geometry resulting in an excellent level of flying comfort

17cm foam protector with 17.8 G deceleration in the DHV test and controlled deflation

LEXAN back protection

FINSTERWALDER chest and leg fasteners

manufactured from durable, abrasion-resistant CORDURA fabric by DuPont

redesigned reserve system integrated under the seat with side release for foolproof RS release

various adjustment options (seat and back)

elastic side pockets with zips

aerodynamic design

large rear storage pocket with separate compartment for drink bottle / radio, accessible by the pilot

signalling whistle on the chest-strap

optional carbon seat (800g lighter)

optional relax bar

optional side protectors

DHV certification up to 120 kg load

Sizes available :
M = 155 - 170 cm
L = 170 - 185 cm
XL = 185 - 200 cm
  Board measure (cm):
M: breadth=32 depth=35
L: breadth=35 depth=38
XL: breadth=39 depth=41

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